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Why Choose Sheffield Hallam University for your studies?

Originally founded in 1843, Sheffield Hallam University was started initially as the Sheffield School of Design due to the industrial revolution, during which Sheffield became a premier steel production city.

In 1992 Sheffield Hallam university was granted full university status and since then it has become the 6th biggest in the UK with more than 30,000 students. Out of those 30,000 students there are approximately four thousand students who come from overseas to study in Sheffield.

SHU Campus’

Sheffield Hallam University consists of two different campuses, one based on Collegiate Crescent which is just on Ecclesall road and the other which is the City Campus and is located in the centre of Sheffield. Both SHU campuses consist of various Grade 2 listed buildings combined with more modern buildings and facilities that have been built alongside.

The university offers more than 700 different courses that you can study there, and over 50% of these courses have a built-in work placement that takes place during the course. Sheffield Hallam university works with more than 1000 organisations to find students a quality placement. These companies include Rolls Royce, the BBC, the NHS, Sony and more.

SHU Core Specialisms

Sheffield Hallam University has a strong background in health and social care, sports science and teacher training courses. The most popular courses in terms of the number of students enrolled are in business studies, biology and medicine.

SHU Facilities

SHU has recently (during the last 5 years) spent more than £100 million on it’s facilities, these include libraries that are open 24 hours a day, modern study facilities and department facilities that will be similar to the sort of modern workplace you may end up working in. SHU also prides itself on it’s student advice service, with a 95% student satisfaction rate from this service according to its feedback.

Sheffield Hallam University also has a guarantee of helping you to find good a student house in Sheffield or student accommodation in student halls for your first year. This could be either via private letting agents or in SHU’s own student halls.

Sheffield is a cheap place to live when compared to other big UK cities and it is resultantly ranked in the top ten most affordable universities.

SHU has very strong research credentials

Sheffield Hallam University also prides itself on it’s research credentials. They are , according to the research excellence framework in 2014 one of the top 5 modern universities for research. This clearly demonstrates to any potential students the forward thinking abilities of the establishment and the commitment and knowledge of it’s staff.

Why choose Sheffield Hallam University

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