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This famous public park is located in the Sheffield City centre very close to the University of Sheffield student campus. It covers a total of 5 hectares, and is also close to the University of Sheffield student library, and Firth Court structures. It is one of the three Crookesmoor parks, with the others being The Ponderosa and Crookes Valley Park respectively.

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It was first developed from the grounds of the Weston Hall, which was purchased from Eliza and Ann Harrison for £15,750, with the hall itself being converted into the Sheffield City Museum, located on the same plot of land. It was originally opened to the public on the 6th September 1875, with the Weston Park weather station being erected in 1882.

During 2006 the park was awarded £2 million as part of a restoration project, which saw mass resurfacing of paths, renewing railings, refurbishing listed buildings, and a whole range of other improvements. It was reopened after this period by the Lord Mayor of Sheffield on the 1st June 2008.

Directions to walk:

Here is the fastest way to walk to Weston Park from our offices:

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