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The iconic logo and branding colours of the University of Sheffield are well known to people who live in the city. You walk past many buildings around West Street and the Sheffield University campus that hold this iconic crest upon them.

The origin of the coat of arms on the logo is a combination of historically notable icons of Sheffield and British culture. There is first the “Crown of Success” at the top, with the central book inscribed with the Latin “Disce Doce” which means “Learn and Teach”. There is behind this a sheath of eight silver arrows coming from each side, and the “White Rose of York” at the bottom. Finally making up the coat of arms is the motto “Rerum cognoscere causas” which means “To discover the causes of things”.

The logo itself is a 2005 redrawing of the coat of arms, which was also the centenary year of the University.

The brand itself is centered around discovery (as seen in the motto), and uses the Stephenson and Blake font type. It inspires thousands of students every year to discover the true meaning behind problems, and for teachers and lecturers to aid that discovery.

University of Sheffield Logo on blue background
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