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This lovely recreation area in the city centre of Sheffield in South Yorkshire, is actually not a public park, just a designated open space, done so by the city council back in 1993. The total area is 10 hectares, and the location sits roughly 1.5km west from the centre. It lies next to the lovely areas of Upperthorpe and Netherthorpe. The name Ponderosa was not official, simply given to the area by the local children, but over time it has stuck and become the official name for this green space. This makes up the third of the trio of Crookesmoor Parks, with the others being the Weston Park and Crookes Valley Park.

In 1990 the PEG planted a community orchard of apple and plum trees on the Ponderosa, and more fruit trees have been added in woodland around the area since. The Ponderosa Environmental Group strives to push back housing developers from the area and promote the green space.


Here is the best route to the Ponderosa from our offices:

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