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In this set of student housing guides, we will detail everything you need to know when applying for and living in your new student accommodation, to make sure you are fully prepared for any outcome.

The guide is split up into sections, so please choose from the following:

1. Should you choose Private Halls or Shared Accommodation?

So you’re moving into your second year at Uni and you’re wondering if you want to keep living in a similar scenario to your current halls, or start a new adventure in shared housing. Let’s figure out which you should choose.

2. How much can you / your group afford?

Having a budget is essential when choosing student accommodation, as it will help you filter between providers and find something that doesn’t put you in financial difficulty. Here we will help you understand the costs involved.

3. Where should you live and with who?

The location of your accommodation will have a huge impact on your day to day life, potentially enabling or preventing hobbies, and making things easier such as shopping for food and going out for drinks. We will go over what you need to think about.

No matter which accommodation you choose, the people you live with can really enhance your University experience, so it’s important to choose the right people. We go over a few ways to decide.

4. How to view a student property?

Now it’s time to get viewing potential student properties. We will go over what to look for, and what questions you should ask while you’re there.

5. Moving in and out best practices

Moving is always stressful, but we will go over some tips to help you manage the move into and out of your student accommodation as easily as possible.

6. International Students Advice

For those students who may not be familiar with the UK culture, we’ve collected some key bits of information and legal advice for those looking to study in the UK from abroad.

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