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The Stannington area of Sheffield is a suburb located in the official parish of Bradfield. It’s on the far west side of Sheffield, sitting very close to the Snakes Pass road that joins Sheffield with the Manchester area.

It has been said to be a thriving area currently, with house prices being much lower than the standard of living in the area. This could be because of a lot of new build house and flats in the area, which have brought it out of a previously council house dominated region.

It is known for being very hilly, and has been the seen of many races in the past. In the past is was a heavy industrialised area, with its neighbour Loxley Valley also producing refractory bricks for the steel industry of Sheffield. These were used to protect the lining of the furnaces, made from a type of sandstone called Ganister.

You can see the local weather in Stannington on the BBC website here and learn more about the student accommodation available from us here.

Directions to walk:

Here is the fastest way to walk to the Stannington from our offices:

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