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Sheffield Student Life – Why choose to go to University in Sheffield

Sheffield has two great universities in Sheffield Hallam University and the longer established Sheffield University.

Sheffield offers a fantastic place to live and study, from some amazing city landscapes and a creative forward thinking city, you are also located on the doorstep of the fantastic peak district with all the peak district has to offer.

Sheffield is sometimes referred to as the biggest village in England, and this is true! With all the buzz and things to do of city life, but little of the stress. Sheffield has a laid back village type feel and this is emphasised by how much green space there is within the city and surrounding it. Also, everyone seems to know someone who knows someone, who knows one of your friends! it’s that kind of place!


From the lovely Botanical Gardens, to the vast woodlands that are dotted around the city, through gorgeous parks like Encliffe park in Ecclesall, or head into town to see the winter gardens.

Over a third of Sheffield actually falls within the boundaries of the Peak District national park and there are many things for students and non students alike to do in this city.

Facts About Sheffield

Sheffield is a tolerant and relaxed place to live. The locals here actively welcome the students and realise the contribution they make to the vibrancy and economy of the city of Sheffield.

Sheffield is a Safe City

The Uk peace index was a study that used data provided by the Home Office. It measured levels of peacefulness in cities of the UK between 2003 and 2012. The study found that Sheffield was the UKs safest major city! Perfect for student life.

Sheffield is an Affordable City

The NatWest Living Index in 2017 showed Sheffield as in the top 10 most affordable University cities in the UK. That makes a difference to how far your student finances will stretch!

Sheffield and the Great Outdoors

Sheffield has some fantastic surroundings that are perfect for many outdoor sports and activities. Cycling in Sheffield is particularly popular and the peaks also make for perfect mountain bike riding territory. Ponds Forge is an amazing venue for swimming fanatics and dont forget the Peak District with all of the potential climbing and bouldering going on there.

Sheffield and Culture

Sheffield has a vibrant creative arts community and some very striking modern and Victorian architecture. Sheffield also has the mighty Meadowhall shopping centre which caters to the whims of even the most demanding and discerning student shopper! Also not to forget the various music festivals that Sheffield hosts including the mighty tramlines festival.

Sheffield student living

Sheffield has a good range of luxury student accommodation in Sheffield but there are some do’s and don’ts to remember before you sign up for anywhere. Without doubt the best areas for students to live in Sheffield are either the city centre or the mighty Ecclesall area. The reasons for this are twofold but the city centre gives you close proximity to the city campus for SHU and is a bus ride or short walk to Sheffield University, but with the downside of living in a polluted environment that many would say is a less pleasant place to live than the Ecclesall area of Sheffield.

For discerning groups of students, Ecclesall offers the perfect balance of cosmopolitan safe living, combined with the hustle and bustle of such a trendy area. This is balanced with Ecclesall’s close proximity to the amazing Peak District and the fact that the S11 postcode is one of the most revered places to live in the whole of the city, by students and non-students alike!

Another thing to consider is that when they have finished their studies, more students decide to stay on and remain living in Sheffield than any other university.

Student Life in Sheffield

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