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Get all of the key information about your potential student accommodation for your time at Sheffield Hallam University.

Sheffield Hallam Student Halls – 1st Year Accommodation

It is widely recommended to stay in halls of residents during your first year as a student, as it helps you meet loads of people and get accustomed to student life in a safe and protected environment.

They are often located very close to campus, and situated within easy reach of lots of the essential facilities of the university.

We have listed some of the top halls of residents on this page, but the best is by far the Forge for its size and location.

SHU Student Houses – 2nd Year+

So you’ve done the student halls thing (noisy, partying non-stop!) and now it’s time to focus more on your studies, and get yourself a student house. They allow you to be much more independent, organising your own bills and internet, and they help you stay focused on your studies, which becomes even more important in your 3rd year.

You want to choose a house that’s located both for campus and for the nightlife, and the best street for this for Sheffield Hallam students is definitely Ecclesall Road, which allows you to visit both campuses and be on the doorstep of a thriving nightlife scene.

You can see our Ecclesall Road student accommodation here.

*One thing to note is if you look for your house as early as possible you’ll have the best chance of getting the one you want, as often the worst ones will be left at the end when everyone has already chosen.

Student houses for Sheffield Hallam University

Frequently Asked Questions on SHU Accommodation

How do I choose the right type of accommodation?

Individual choice will depend very much on how you feel about your student living, but in general we recommend that 1st years choose student halls of residents, and that all other students choose student housing.

There are several reasons for this. In your first year while you are getting used to student life, you don’t want anything else stressing you out, and with student houses you have to worry about internet, heating and electricity, etc. You are also usually located a little closer to campus facilities, which can make it much easier to schedule your studies and lifestyle.

On the flip side, halls of residents tend to be much busier and noisier than houses, and so later on when your studies become even more of a priority it’s better to go with a student house.

When is the best time to apply for accommodation?

As early as possible! The best halls and houses fill up fast, and so the earlier you apply the more likely you are to find your ideal home. This is particularly true with halls of residents, where the majority of students want to end up in the Forge accommodation.

Can I view accommodation before I make my final choice?

Yes you can view all accommodation before you commit to it. For halls of residents, you should visit one of the SHU open days and look around your chosen accommodation then. For your student houses, you can schedule viewings for each house you’re interested in to make sure it’s right for you.

Can I move out before the end of the academic year?

While you can move out whenever you like, you must continue to pay your accommodation for the duration of your contract with the provider. Some halls of residents offer a swap option where you can substitute yourself with another full time paying student, but you should check the individual provider to verify this.

Can I live in halls for all of University?

Yes you could choose to live in halls for your entire University stay. However this will often mean you are sheltered from the usual University life, and often your friends will move onto houses and you’ll be living with new people every year.

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