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Sheffield Hallam University is a fantastic place to study. Get all the information you need about SHU here.

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Sheffield Hallam – Need to Knows

Learn more about Sheffield Hallam life, with our pages on the key places to visit, and other related info about being a student here:

Sheffield Hallam Student Accommodation

Here are our recommended places to stay in each year of your accommodation.

1st Year Accommodation – Choose The Forge

If you want to enjoy being a “real student” then choosing the largest accommodation block in Sheffield Hallam will be perfect for you. The forge is famous for being a brilliant place to enjoy all sides of being a student, and is highly recommended for 1st year students.

You can see the official Forge page on the SHU website here:

2nd Year+ Accommodation – Student House on Ecclesall Road

After you’ve experienced halls and you’ve made some friends, you want to look for a student house. Choosing a student house over another flat has so many benefits, including feeling more independent. And you have to stay around Ecclesall Road if you want to truly enjoy your 2nd and 3rd year as a student, because there are so many student houses in the area it makes it a very sociable place to live.

To choose your 2nd or 3rd year student house, see our student housing ready to rent on our website here.

Directions to our office from SHU

If you’re interested in looking at student houses on Ecclesall Road, then come into our office for a chat, you can see the directions in Google maps below:

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