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Endcliffe park is easily the largest park in the city of Sheffield (in the county of South Yorkshire), opened in 1887 in celebration of the Jubilee of Queen Victoria.

This park is made up of a section of parkland, and also a section of woodland, with the part around Rustlings Road making up a grassy area that’s often used for recreation. The Northern side of the park above Porter Brook is purely woodland, with many intertwining paths to explore.

The entrance is quite close to Hathersage Road, which also has a listed building next to it (a grade 2 pavillion).

It is very close to the famous Hallamshire Tennis and Squash Club grounds, where you can often find people playing tennis on the weekends.

There are several monuments in the area, featuring two commissioned for Queen Victoria, which are located near the entrance and midway up the path on the way to Whiteley Woods.

There is also a tree planted in her honour, commissioned by the Lord Mayor of Sheffield. You can also find out about Strawberry’s student accommodation here.

The central pond of Porter Brook is often mistakenly thought of as a river, but it is in fact dammed at both sides, creating two separate ponds to view.  These ponds are frequently occupied by local ducks and pigeons, and one contains an island for which there is no access.

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