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Ecclesall Road – Living on Ecclesall Road as a student

Ecclesall road is a thriving and bustling hub of activity in the S11 area of Sheffield. Without doubt the Ecclesall area of Sheffield is one of Sheffield’s best area. The quality of life here is fantastic. Close to the bustling city centre, but even closer to the gorgeous Endcliffe Park and of course the wonderful Botanical Gardens. The Botanical Gardens hosts the fantastic Music in the Gardens every year which is a superb event that hosts some fine musicians within the theater like environment of the Botanical Gardens. The Botanics are listed by the English Heritage trust as a Grade 2 site of special historic and architectural interest, with over 5000 species of plants to peruse over, a bear pit, water fountains and lovely gardens, it truly is a magical location.

Ecclesall Road is a thriving centre for local businesses. Starting at Sharrowvale road near Hunters Bar roundabout, there is a lovely Greek Delhi (greedy greek) some great other eateries and coffee shops, various other bijou shops and of course the unforgettable Porter Pizza which has quickly become a favourite haunt of mine!! The pizzas there are amazing.

There are a wide range of amazing pubs on Ecclesall road, from the cosmopolitan Pointing Dog, and to a lesser extent (cosmopolitan) the Porter Brook, around the corner to the Porter Cottage and the Lescar, which are both famous student haunts.

Heading down Ecclesall Road a bit we have a Pizza Express and Nandos in close proximity, followed by some amazing coffee shops and the obligatory Tesco at Berkeley Precinct.

Heading on down a bit more there is the Veritable treasure that is Design studio, of course there is also the kings of student accommodation Sheffield, Strawberry student homes, who have an office a little way down, then there is the mighty Nursery Tavern, Pot Kettle Black and of course Champs, a very fine Sports bar that relocated to larger premises on Ecclesall Road a few years ago.

Combine this lot with the fact you are 5 mins from Collegiate campus of SHU and 5 minutes from Endcliffe Park , then add in another 10 minutes on a bike and you are in the magnificent Peak district!!!

This, ladies and gents is what is known as WINNING at being a student!!

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