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Best Coffee Shops for Studying in Sheffield

Not since the late nineteenth century have coffee houses been such an important centre for communication and study. True, back then it meant groups of intellectuals gathered around, arguing topics and theories – but today’s laptop-toting students and academics are no less involved in the popular movement of coffee houses as bases of study than those iconic figures were back then. It’s done differently now, though, and we have different needs.

The Best Coffee Shops in Sheffield for Students

What are the best places in Sheffield to find the features you want in a coffeehouse study session? Let’s take a look.

Neighbourhood Food and Drink

This open and quiet space is located at 342 Glossop Road. It’s tucked away, relaxing, and has a great rooftop garden for warmer days.

Ink and Water

Similar in décor, and only a five-minute walk from campus, the Ink and Water gives you a plant-filled space to focus on the latest material. It is located at 8 Fitzwilliam Street.

Coffee Revolution

If your need is for some lively debate and discussion with a study group, try Coffee Revolution in the students’ union. It’s open to 9pm Monday to Friday, so you’ll have a few extra hours there than you will at most shops.

200 Degrees

At 25 Division Street you’ll find 200 Degrees, a shop known for copious amounts of power outlets, and lots of people there using them. The vibe is one of getting work done, and there may be fewer distractions than at some other shops.


If you feel like treating yourself to something a bit more posh, try this independent Sheffield Business. They have a great selection of breakfast, brunch and pastries to choose from, as well as excellent coffee of course!

Steam Yard

Known by many as the spot to get the best coffee in Sheffield, the décor is top-notch and there is outdoor seating for taking in some sun with your study. It’s located at Aberdeen Court, 95-101 Division Street.


As the name suggests, there is a wealth of comfy seating here, and suits group discussions well. It’s a bit farther from uni than most shops – it’s at 29-31 Campo Lane – but to get away from campus or maybe meet up on a weekend, it’s a great alternative.


Whatever your preferred style of venue, Sheffield has one that meets your mood or needs. Do some recon for which spots have reliable Wi-Fi, enough plugs for power, and the décor you prefer. Oh yes… and great coffee.

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