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Slightly west of the city centre, Broomhall gets its name from the land previously owned by “Broom Hall”, which is a historic 15th century mansion in the area. Previous owners of the mansion include the vicar of Sheffield in 1791, and during this time is was attacked and set on fire by a riot against the Enclosure land act.

There were issues with unrestricted development in the early 1960’s, and so after popular protest in 1967 the Broomhall Park Association was formed by residents, with the aim of protecting local green spaces. In previous years it was known as being a rather derelict area, with some rumours of a red light district, but the modern Broomhall area is thriving with a mixture of locals and students.

We offer student accommodation in Broomhall and other surrounding areas on Ecclesall Road.

Learn more about The Sheffield Botanical Gardens here.

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